HFP offers the best flexible pipe technology combined with the best carbon fibre pipe technology. With m-pipe at its core, HFP is designed as the optimum solution for ultradeep water free hanging risers and flowlines with a particular focus on challenging reservoir conditions.

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Key Features

HFP is a cost effective solution for ultra deepwater. The design delivers a lightweight, easily deployed flexible pipe solution for risers, optimised for freehanging catenary. The fully installed HFP freehanging catenary solution has been developed to deliver a significantly lower TOTEX cost.

  • Corrosion resistance
  • High temperature performance
  • 60% weight reduction
  • Optimised for free hanging configurations
  • Reduced installation times
  • Simplified architectures
  • Manufactured in Brazil

Martin Jones, Magma Global CEO, “We are delighted to be working with TechnipFMC and believe that their vision for a hybrid flexible product provides a logical step for the increased adoption of carbon fibre pipe in full field developments, paving the way towards Magma’s long-term vision of an all-composite subsea infrastructure.”