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Magma Global created m-pipe® to solve the problems that were a challenge to steel and flexibles: corrosion, high temperatures, high pressures and speed and ease of deployment.

Made from PEEK and carbon fibre, m-pipe simplifies subsea architecture thanks to its low weight, high strength, flexibility and standardised design. m-pipe is used as flowlines and jumpers by major operators around the world and achieves installed cost savings of up to 65%. Magma’s game changing composite technology is now solving riser challenges and is incorporated into hybrid solutions by TechnipFMC.

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We established Magma to solve the problems of subsea fluid transfer that challenge the industry when using traditional steel and flexible pipe in more challenging environments.


Successfully achieving our mission is based on a strong and committed relationship with our environment, our local community, our customers, suppliers and our employees. At all times in those relationships we are open, honest, fair, we respect each individual and act with integrity.


Our mission is to deliver the world’s most reliable risers, jumpers and intervention lines for subsea exploration and production, and in so doing provide lower cost, lower risk and environmentally sustainable solutions for our customers.


At all touch points of our business we prioritise the safety of people above all else. We ensure a firm understanding of, and compliance with, documented controls and processes including QHSE Procedures, Risk Assessments and COSHH Assessments, developed to reduce the likelihood of harm to people, property and the environment to as low a level as is reasonably practicable.


Joseph Swan produced carbon fibres for the first time, for use in light bulbs


Owens Corning introduced fiberglass to begin the Fibre Reinforced Polymers industry


PLUTO flexible oil pipe was laid under the English Channel


Kerr-McGee drilled the first offshore well out of sight of land


Roger Bacon discovery of high-performance carbon fibres “Perfect Graphite”


Rolls Royce adopts carbon fibre for jet engines


Jimmy Connors won Wimbledon with the first carbon fibre tennis racket


McLaren revolutionised Formula 1™ racing with the first carbon fibre racing car


The space shuttle Columbia was launched, complete with carbon fibre cargo doors


First flight of Boeings all carbon fibre 787 Dreamliner


Deepwater development reaches 9627 feet with Shell’s Perdido well


Foundation of Magma Global Ltd to manufacture carbon fibre composite pipe


James Cameron’s carbon fibre submarine reached 7 miles to the bottom of the Mariana Trench


EnQuest Thistle are first to deploy Magma’s m-pipe


TechnipFMC commence development of a hybrid flexible pipe with Magma


Next generation subsea architecture revolution


TechnipFMC aquires Magma Global

Key People

The people behind Magma

Our team are renowned for their expertise and specialisms. These individuals share a passion for the oil and gas industry and the use of materials technology to deliver the next generation of simplification, cost reduction and efficiency savings. They are committed to make sure m-pipe is the most reliable and cost effective solution for subsea fluid transfer.



We are at the cusp of a subsea revolution and we want the best engineers to make it happen as fast as the demand is growing. 

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