International Women's Day 2024

07 Mar 2024

On the 8th March 2024 Magma Global is proud to be celebrating International Women’s Day.

International Women’s Day (IWD) is a global day celebrating the social, economic, cultural, and political achievements of women. 

Origins in women’s suffrage have evolved into a day of celebration and advancement of women’s rights.

IWD was then commemorated in the United States on February 28, 1909, with countries like Austria, Denmark, Germany, and Switzerland joining the occasion in 1911.

Clara Zetkin suggested the event be taken global at the International Conference of Working Women in Copenhagen in 1910.

The date wasn’t formalized until a wartime strike in 1917, when Russian women demanded “bread and peace”. Four days into the strike, the tsar was forced to abdicate, and the provisional government granted women emancipation.

The strike began on March 8, and this became the date that International Women’s Day is celebrated.

To honor IWD at Magma Global we are highlighting some of the women that work at Magma Global and celebrate their achievements, diversity and value that they bring to the company. 

See below some biographies of a few of the women that work at Magma Global.

I am a Lead Engineer at Magma Global with a PhD in Composite Materials. I focus on non-destructive analysis techniques, particularly computed tomography. I specialize in composite materials, and currently lead a team to better understand how manufacturing processes affect the material quality and performance. My skills lie at the intersection of cutting-edge technology and the intricate world of materials engineering.

Anna – Lead Engineer

I am Betsabe, a materials engineer who graduated from Simon Bolivar University in Venezuela, where I developed a keen interest in the properties and applications of polymers. Since joining Magma Global in 2019, I have been actively involved as a test engineer, contributing my expertise in mechanical testing across a diverse range of projects. At Magma Global, I have the opportunity to delve deep into composite materials, gaining a comprehensive understanding and hands-on experience along the way.

Betsabe – Materials Engineer

I joined Magma Global 18months ago as Finance Manager. I look after the day-to-day accounting activities and payroll along with supporting HR. I enjoy working with such a varied team in a dynamic workplace.

Helen – Finance Manager

I am Irene and, after studying for a PhD in Mechanical Engineering, I became a Senior Test Engineer at Magma Global in May 2022. I am an expert in Digital Image Correlation (DIC), which is a full-filed imaging technique for strain measurements that allows for a better understanding of the mechanical behavior of the tests. I have led the implementation of this technology at Magma, and developed and delivered the related training to staff. I have also been leading a variety of tests for internal projects and clients such as ExxonMobil.

Irene – Senior Test Engineer

My name is Priyanka, and I recently began working at Magma Global as a composite test engineer. I have some prior experience in quality control and inspection, and I graduated from the University of Bristol with a MSc degree in Advanced Composites. I’m looking forward to applying my knowledge in material science to its cutting-edge and industry applications. Through my new role I will be able to tap into the range of knowledge about composite testing at Magma Global, as well as broaden my own experience with the hands-on applications of testing varied pipe structures. I’m excited about supporting magma to continue to succeed in the years ahead.’

Priyanka – Composite Test Engineer

My name is Zoe and I’m a Mechanical Engineer at Magma Global. I graduated with a PhD in Composite Materials and I’ve been at the company for just over 7 months where I have already been involved in a large number of projects. My primary role is finite element analysis of the composite pipes and then working with test engineers to compare the experimental and numerical results.

Zoe – Mechanical Engineer

I’m a senior project manager responsible for delivering customer projects and have been with Magma Global since 2019. We execute various types of projects from pipe delivery to qualification and testing programs which mean no two days are ever the same. With a degree in mechanical engineering and a background in subsea projects, working both on and offshore, it’s been an exciting move into composite material technology and it’s application.

Julie – Senior Project Manager

I arrived at Magma Global around 7 years ago. My role is very diverse and includes senior management support, client & customer care, travel coordination, HR paperwork and inductions/onboarding. I am the purchaser of all the non-essential goods. I arrange all the company events and parties but most importantly, I buy the coffee beans. I am proud to be an empowered, independent, proactive working woman and mother, who will be wearing purple on the 8th of March.

Nina – Office Manager

I am Veronica and I have been working at Magma Global as a Quality Assurance Engineer for over two years. I am passionate about the quality of our products and ensuring excellence in all aspects of quality. As part of the Magma Global team I always relish the opportunity to apply my experience in Quality Control and Inspection, Metrology, Health and Safety and QMS in my role.

Veronica – Quality Assurance Engineer

As you can see we have a very diverse group of Women who come from a variety of disciplines, nationalities and experience which is invaluable to the continued success and growth of Magma Global.

Magma Global is proud to support International Women’s Day and we look forward to the coming years where we will continue to support and celebrate Women in our workplace.

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