Thoughts from Charles Tavner

17 Jan 2019

In 2018 Magma stamped its mark on the all-important Brazilian deepwater market with two complimentary partnerships with Ocyan and Keppel Fels to develop CompRiser and TechnipFMC to develop their hybrid flexible product. These ‘hybrid’ solutions exploit the performance of the PEEK and carbon fibre m-pipe to address the demanding requirements of Petrobras’ Libra fields in an architecture that allow rapid adoption of the TCP.

Magma began the year in the Gulf of Mexico setting another milestone using m-pipe as a deep open water riser as part of Transocean’s innovative RISEX solution. Coupled to Magma’s Integrated Deployment Package Transocean and Magma demonstrated the use of continuous choke and kill lines in a range of operating conditions.

We wrapped up a busy year in the Gulf with orders for 6in HPHT jumpers from both HWCG and MWCC. These companies include BP, Shell, Petrobras and Total in their membership making this a major watershed in adoption of TCP. The team has been equally busy across the Atlantic. Equinor joined the Joint Development Agreement as part of their ongoing strategy to test and adopt new pipeline technologies. Saudi Aramco presented at SPE on their recent successful installation of two high sour hydrocarbon m-pipe jumpers in Abqaiq and Haradh. Finally, Magma started production of two 2,500m 6in deep water flowlines destined for West Africa.

The coming year will see Magma going through another phase of growth and becoming widely recognised, not just for producing the most advanced pipe in the world, but for delivering simplicity.

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