Saipem shows ease and speed of m-pipe connection

14 Jul 2016

Saipem shows ease and speed of Magma m-pipe® jumper connection.

At Eemshaven, Holland, Saipem has worked with Magma to design a 2.5in 5ksi m-pipe® 20m kicker line with a FMC Weco wing nut connector. Saipem undertook a full run-through of the PLET connection process on board their S7000 deployment vessel, in advance of use with an ROV offshore.

The bend of the m-pipe prior to connection to the spreader bar was rapidly achieved on the vessel deck with the simple aid of a pallet truck, a strop and a few of the vessel crew, showing the flexibility and low MBR of m-pipe.

Commercial Director Charles Tavner said, “The reliability with which m-pipe can be connected to any standard end-fitting, together with its light weight and ease of bending, make it an obvious choice for short-length subsea jumper connections that require a ‘flex-to-fit’ metrology .”

“What impressed Saipem during the deployment trial was the ease and low load required when connecting up the stab to the PLET, with one man easily able to direct in the stab in a few seconds with minimal effort.”

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