Ocyan and Magma Global Complete CMHR Design

23 Mar 2018

Ocyan and Magma Global complete Composite Multi-Bore Hybrid Riser (CMHR) design

Commercial commitment signed in readiness to bid for Brazil’s deep-water fields!

OTC, Houston, Texas. 2 May 2018: Ocyan and Magma Global, manufacturer of the world’s most advanced thermoplastic composite pipe (TCP), today announce the completion of a Composite Multi-Bore Hybrid Riser design for ultra-deep fields. The companies have signed a long term commercial agreement and will jointly bid the CMHR for deep water developments in Brazil. The design has been validated by a third-party engineering company and is in discussion and analysis with potential clients.

The CMHR offers multiple benefits which address barriers for operators. Today’s FPSOs are on a constant demand for reduced weight and loads. As a decoupled solution, the CMHR applies less than 20% of the loads applied by other solutions resulting in a weight difference of up to 9.000 tons per FPSO.

The use of TCP brings high resistance to corrosion (for example CO2 and H2S), light weight and the ability to withstand high temperature and pressure. Its flexibility enables the design of a novel lower riser termination assembly concept (patent already in place and under final analysis) which allows for the direct connection between the risers and the flowlines – either flexible or steel – with no design change to the CMHR.

Charles Tavner, COO at Magma Global said: “The design phase of this project with Ocyan has been really exciting as it fully exploits and builds on the capabilities of m-pipe. No other pipe can meet the requirements, as they are either not flexible enough or not able to withstand the requirements for strength and heat resistance. We look forward to seeing this excellent TCP riser solution used in large scale oil production in the very near future.”

Marcelo Nunes, Subsea Director at Ocyan said: “We have worked closely with Magma to design this incredibly simple yet robust riser system. It is a perfect match on the technical side as the CMHR provides a discrete support so that the riser works very much like a spool, in a quasi-static application. Furthermore, the concept takes advantage of the mechanical properties of m-pipe. The final result of the project has superseded our expectations and the complexity of the project has dropped dramatically.”

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