M-Pipe goes in deep & sour

18 Jul 2017

Ease of installation drives Magma’s m-pipe® deployments with multi-national E&P operators.

Magma has seen recent sales of its m-pipe® thermoplastic composite pipe (TCP) driven by simplified installation and ease of handling, as operators and contractors gain experience deploying m-pipe. Following the successful installation of two 2.5in m-pipe 40 metre sour gas jumpers for Eni, deployed in a deep-water production installation

Marco Serricchio, Production Manager from ENI said:

“Magma’s m-pipe was chosen because it performs strongly in sour conditions and has superior collapse resistance capabilities in deepwater applications. The financial case, lead time and ease of installation using m-pipe TCP stacked up well compared to other flexible alternatives.”

Patrick Belenfant, SVP Subsea Services from Bourbon said:

“The light weight of m-pipe made the deployment very easy using our vessel cranes, with trouble-free and fast connection to the two deepwater wells.”

m-pipe performance and ease of installation has been further endorsed by other multi-national E&P Operators, most recently with two large scale Middle Eastern deployments. These have benefited from the light weight, flexibility and simplicity of handling of m-pipe for ease of connection at the well head, combined with its inherent chemical resistance.

Martin Jones, Magma Global CEO said:

“We are very pleased to hear clients commenting on our ease of deployment and their demand for sour service performance, which is a further endorsement of m-pipe and its ability to outperform other flexible pipe technologies.”

“As oil and gas operators continue to look at onshore and offshore projects in regions that require ever greater levels of engineering, the simplicity of installation of m-pipe in challenging and sour environments offers an ideal solution, as well as the fact that m-pipe is a higher specification pipe at a lower cost per metre than our flexible pipe competition.”

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