Magma continues production to maintain sense of normality

06 May 2020

As COVID-19 forces much of the world’s manufacturing into a shadow of its normal production strength due to social distancing rules, we encourage open sharing of processes that help manufacturers remain safely open. Aside from some changes in working practice, Magma has continued m-pipe production and development at full pace. Staying open and in full production allows us to meet customer orders but the real reason behind this continuity is to ensure our people can maintain as normal a life as possible during this time. Living life “as normal” is known to be an important factor in maintaining mental health, which we take as seriously as physical health. We are sharing our example to encourage others to remain in production as far as safely possible.

Being a lean team, every one of our staff is highly valued, so we have taken extra precautions against viral spread, such as maintaining a 2-metre personal space zone at all times and introducing “no contact” shift changeovers. On arrival, everyone has their temperature taken as a precaution and additional hygiene measures are in place.

We are fortunate that our main production line needs very few people to operate it at maximum output, so little has changed for these teams during social distancing. The usual buzz of lunch time games and tasting the variety of home prepared international cuisine, however, are pleasures we will all have to look forward to for some time.  

Meanwhile the design, project management, marketing and finance offices are closed, with all desk-based employees fully equipped for effective home working. These teams are collaborating with online tools, video conferencing and secure virtual networks. Each day starts and ends with team video calls to check in, maximise informal face time and ensure no-one is feeling isolated. As work life bleeds into our homes, everyone understands the occasional appearance of a child quietly striving to glimpse what’s happening in the exciting world of composite subsea pipe engineering.

Our thoughts are with those suffering around the world as a result of this virus, both physically and mentally. We are working hard to minimise the spread of the virus at work as well as maintaining a sense of normality so that we can all get through this stressful period. We can’t welcome you in person at Magma at this time but we are open and welcome any enquiries. Please share your examples of social distancing processes and polices in manufacture so that we can all benefit from best practice.

The queue for daily temperature tests before a shift

Socially distanced Dominos pizza for the Friday late shift

m-pipe section being prepared for a burst test

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