Charity begins with mud...

02 Oct 2015
Sometimes meeting the challenges of subsea projects just aren’t enough.

A team of 20 employees from Magma, representing all departments, positions and fitness levels, took part in the London South Tough Mudder event to promote teamwork and fitness. The Tough Mudder event, which runs in locations UK-wide, is certainly not designed for the faint-hearted.

The aim is one of teamwork – to get you and all of your colleagues successfully through the entire course, rather than to be the fastest over the distance.The course involved a complete half-marathon over muddy terrain, with over twenty obstacles and starting with a rapid and not entirely welcoming plunge into an ice bath.

Along with the gruelling 12 mile cross-country run, other ‘special forces type’ challenges that the Magma team faced included a curved slippery wall to climb, a 10 foot gantry with a swing and drop into water, negotiating a series of monkey bars across a muddy pool and crawling on their hands and knees through a long, dark, wet tunnel.

All Magma entrants completed the course within four hours, most with tired legs, a few with scraped arms and all covered from head to toe in thick gloopy mud. On completion everyone received a very welcome drink of cider before a shower (cold) and a team lunch.

Andrew Parsons, Magma’s IT manager seen here exiting from the mud tunnel, summed up the team event perfectly –

“That was muddiest and toughest thing I have ever done – when’s the next one?!”

Magma ran the event for charity and the team’s T-shirt sales raised money for ‘Help for Heroes’, the charity that supports all British servicemen and women that have been injured in service.

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