High Load Test Frame

The high load test frame is used for tests on both m-pipe® and its end fittings. Fibre optic strain measurements are extensively used throughout these tests to provide accurate strain measurement.  Tests carried out on the High Load Test Frame include:

Tensile Test

Tensile tests provide the axial properties of the pipe, including stiffness, strength and poissons ratio.


Creep tests measure the strain in the pipe under long term constant load conditions. Creep tests can be run at elevated temperatures to accelerate the creep and also understand behaviour at higher temperatures.

Specific End Fitting Tests include:

The following tests are part of the end fitting design, development and qualification process.


Where the end fittings are subject to direct axial pull at high loads.

Resonant fatigue

This test provides an accelerated fatigue test.  Fitting and pipe are excited at a high natural frequency over a range of strain levels.

Pressure (internal)

End fittings and m-pipe® are subject to internal pressure increased to ultimate failure.

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