High Pressure Drilling Risers

Full bore high pressure drilling risers are typically 19in ID and pressure rated in the extreme up to 15,000psi although 5,000psi and 10,000psi systems are more standard. To achieve acceptable performance the industry has relied on the use of thick walled high strength steels but this is tremendously complex to reliably weld and achieve acceptable fatigue performance. Additionally, the resulting riser joints are often so heavy it is difficult to handle them and maintain sufficient tension at the vessel to achieve an acceptable operational envelope. 

m-pipe® enables  all these issues to be eliminated and allows a high pressure large diameter riser to be constructed that is light weight (20% that of steel), fatigue resistant and which minimises loads at the wellhead and vessel interfaces. A further operational benefit is the ability to fabricate the m-pipe® joints in lengths up to 80ft minimising the number of connectors and increasing running times.

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